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  • Christmas
    Our decorations, ornaments and Christmas illuminations, will bring a unique and unforgettable atmosphere to any home. Christmas trees, chains and beads, baubles and pendants, natural wooden ornaments, stands, garlands and flower branches.
  • Easter
    Baskets, decorations, eggs, rabbits and chickens. These unusual accessories will make your Easter atmospheric and colourful. And a pleasant, warm atmosphere conducive to spending time together, good moments and building memories is the essence of Christmas
  • Garden
    An ever-expanding range of garden and balcony furniture, rocking chairs, umbrellas and lighting will ensure that time spent in the garden is well and comfortably spent, trampolines and playgrounds keep our little ones active and entertained, and waste bin enclosures hide what is necessary but what we don't want to see around us.
  • Home furniture
    Charming and versatile in form, furniture from Jumi fills the space of your home and adds to its charm. Whether you are designing a new interior or trying to do some home staging in your house, flat, office or restaurant, our wide range of chairs - upholstered, plastic, stackable - will help you achieve the best effect without ruining your budget.
  • Halloween
    Spooky, unique and stylish. Such are the Halloween accessories from Jumi. The abundance of forms, colours and purposes will make your head spin, but at the same time will allow you to create unforgettable styles for this, next to traditional holidays, special occasion. It's worth making this day stand out to spice up your time and have fun. After all, an occasion like this only happens once a year.
  • Lightning
    For years, we have been the market leader in providing the highest quality lighting for homes and gardens, including Christmas illuminations. Our light curtains and projectors make you feel the festive atmosphere more and more strongly. And our app-operated i-ilumiiation lights add to the comfort of this type of lighting.
  • Artificial flowers
    They are gaining huge popularity and have many supporters. They are the perfect complement to live flowers as year-round decorations. Beautiful, modern artificial flowers that look like live flowers are one of our specialities. Artificial flowers are selected for their durability, natural appearance and the material from which they are made.
  • Home decorations
    We help you express yourself in interior design by offering accessories and decorations for your home or flat, for the living room, rooms, kitchen, bathroom, hallway. It is the decoration that gives a unique, individual character to the four corners of the house, complements them, decorates the furniture and allows to give the interior an effect of completeness.
  • Articles for children
    Unique designs, attention to quality and detail. We offer a wide range of products for children with trampolines, rope parks and playgrounds at the forefront. They will ensure a good and comfortable time, activity and entertainment for our little ones. So that play is safe and fun.

We distribute in Poland and Europe

As a leading distributor of ornaments and decorations as well as furniture and lighting for homes and gardens, we set new standards. With a logistics center located in Pabianice, modern warehouses and a fast supply chain, we will deliver our top and latest range to you quickly and efficiently. We distribute on a large scale both in Poland and Europe.
And since ornaments, furniture and lighting are articles that customers look for every day and that it is important to ensure choice and smooth deliveries, we invariably have our hands full.

It’s likely that most of your retailer’s customers have our products.

Jumi products are available in most stores in Poland. This is our great asset. We are present in the largest retail chains and are constantly expanding our offer so that every day customers have the opportunity to make convenient purchases from a wide range of our products. Make sure today that Jumi products are also available at your store.

We constantly strive for quality and certification
We make every effort to ensure that our products meet all necessary safety regulations. For this purpose, we cooperate with international certification and testing bodies and carry out multi-stage quality checks.
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  • November 6, 2023
    All good things come to an end sooner or later. Our long trip to China has also come to an end. Behind us are a series of fruitful meetings, dozens of constructive conversations, discussions on product development, shared meals and fond memories. It is good to see long-lost faces and meet new partners.
  • October 31, 2023
    Jumi's travels around China continue. This time we are sending a short report under the heading of product development. Marta Niewiadoma is working on product development with the team from one of our factories. It is an interesting, creative and enjoyable process that will result in new products for the 2025 season.
  • October 27, 2023
    The JUMI Ltd. team continues its not inconsiderable trade fair tour in China, lasting almost 3.5 weeks. Honk Kong, Beijing, Ningbo and Canton. Greetings from the road are sent by a satisfied and positively spirited Jerzy Michalski, Bernard Falin, Aleksandra Kępczak, Bartosz Stencel, Agnieszka Lange and Marta Niewiadoma.
  • October 24, 2023
    We are at the megaSHOW in Honkong. On the first day alone, our CEO, Bernard Fallin walked 27 000 steps. The JUMI delegation is looking for new partners to develop new categories and create innovative products. We are already working on collections for 2025.
  • October 9, 2023
    We are continually honing our communication expertise. This time, Tomasz Chojnacki led a training session for us on 'Communication and feedback principles'. We worked on skills for periodic development talks within our teams. In addition, we discussed management, team building and conflict.
  • September 15, 2023
    The annual company picnic, this time in a communist antique, did us all good. On a daily basis, we do not meet in such a wide range of people, we do not have the opportunity to talk to colleagues from other departments. And, as we all know, these moments spent together translate invaluably into mutual relations.
  • September 12, 2023
    We would like to thank the Grupa Muszkieterów for another 12th edition of the #Bricomarché Fair. This time we presented a cross-section of products from the Christmas, Easter, Artificial Flowers, Garden, and Jumi's ever-expanding range of year-round products.
  • August 23, 2023
    Communicating effectively and assertively is fundamental to both corporate and private life. On the one hand, we all seem to know how to communicate, on the other hand, we are aware that it is a difficult issue and there is always room for improvement in this area.
  • August 17, 2023
    Despite the holidays, we are working intensively on development. We are in the process of change and preparing strategic projects. One of these is CSR. We are pleased to say that we have already done more in our social responsibility than we thought possible. Now it is time to give our activities a common denominator.
  • 06.2023
    Our former Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Management Board, Bernard Falin took over as CEO on July 1, 2023. An experienced manager with more than 30 years of experience working outside his native France for 27 years, he previously headed purchasing, marketing or sales departments at multinational companies, among others.
  • June 15, 2023
    We gain knowledge and look for logistics solutions necessary for the company's development. Thanks to committed people, it can develop as a team and grow stronger! 💪👍
  • June 14, 2023
    Two amazing days at DELIVER Europe in Amsterdam are behind us. We were accompanied by a whole bunch of meetings with specialists in logistics, warehouse robotics and artificial intelligence.
  • May 22, 2023
    Another symbolic step in the company's development lies ahead. Everyone knows how important a map is in a long journey. In preparation for this corporate "escapade" with the JUMI team, we have dedicated two days to the StrategON Max workshop. We are building our market advantage, equipping the team with new competencies, setting ambitious goals. We have many great years ahead of us. 💪 🙌 🧐
  • April 25, 2023
    JUMI SPORT TEAM is on form. 😁 We take about 17,000 to 20,000 steps every day at the Canton Fair. Among other things, we visited all the halls with decorations and home accessories. It's a lot of invaluable contacts, chances to develop Jumi's portfolio, and a chance to meet colleagues from our Yiwu office.