It's likely that most of your retailer's customers have our products.

We deliver positive emotions

We are manufacturer and importer of products in a number of categories, mainly: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, lighting, garden, furniture for home, furniture for office, artificial flowers, products for children.
Jumi assortment is available in most stores in Poland. This is our great asset. We are present in the largest retail chains.

Jumi headquarters is located in Pabianice. It is here, in the center of Poland, where nearly 160 of our employees search, purchase and sell Jumi products. Here we run warehouses and from here we provide logistic support for customers both domestic and from large part of Europe.  Our Pabianice showroom is visited by buyers representing leading retail chains. We make sure that this is time well spent, constructive and enjoyable.

We have a sense of mission

For over 35 years we have been accompanying our customers in preparing unique holiday arrangements for Christmas and Easter. We provide ornaments, decorations, costumes and gadgets for Halloween, Valentine’s Day and other occasions.
We want to diversify, decorate and beautify the space in important, festive, serious as well as funny moments of our customers’ lives.

We give joy at Christmas, every day,
When it comes to Christmas decorations, we are the first choice supplier.
When it comes to Christmas decorations, we are the first choice supplier.

Christmas, Easter, but also Valentine’s Day and Halloween – during all these occasions, JUMI products accompany our customers both in Poland and abroad.
In our wide offer everyone will find something for himself and for his interior.

Logistics - we are an agile supplier
We have our own logistics center located in central Poland, in Pabianice. Our warehouses offer an area of over 16 000 m2.
Thanks to the advantageous location, modern warehouses and fast supply chain, we are always ready to deliver the ordered goods on time.
Management Board and Founders
The origins of JUMI date back to 1985 when it was founded as a private company by the Michalski family. Today, the company is managed by the following people:
Marek Bigoszewski
Vice President of the Management Board
President of the Management Board
Bogdan Michalski
Agnieszka Michaś – Michalska
Jumi's story
Each year we took another big step forward. This gave us the opportunity for continuous development. Over the years, we have achieved the status of one of the market leaders in the field of ornaments, accessories and interior design.
  • Year
    The Michalski family established a company in Pabianice, manufacturing Christmas tree chains from metallized foil.
  • Year
    The company's HQ was moved to the buildings at 13 Swietokrzyska St. Initially, the production took place in utility rooms.
  • Year
    Jumi started cooperation with American chain K-Mart - and thus became an exporter of ornaments. Much of the production was done by hand.
  • Year
    Opening to new suppliers and importing decorations from China. Folding metallized foil decorations were an important part of the offer.
  • Year
    1998 was an important year for Jumi, in which a machine to produce thick Christmas tree chains was designed. The originator and executor of the prototype was the current vice president, Mr. Marek Bigoszewski.
  • Year
    JUMI Sp. z o.o. started its activity, the aim of which is the development of import from China and cooperation with network clients.
    Whereas the activity of Z.H.iP.R JUMI was focused on the production of Christmas tree ornaments from metallized foil.
  • Year
    An office in China was established to support Jumi in reaching reliable manufacturers, conducting selection and quality control of products.
  • Year
    Jumi has achieved significant commercial success and executed large volumes of decorative goods with overseas customers. Additionally, management is expanding its product portfolio to include year-round categories.
  • Year
    The pace of the company's development is accelerating, Jumi records dynamic growth in turnover year on year. With great satisfaction and a clear vision, the company looks to the future.
  • Year
    The management board decides to develop the management team. As a result, the experienced team gains freshness and concentrated competence in, among other things, purchasing and sales.
  • Year
    The former Chief Operating Officer, Bernard Falin, assumes the position of CEO - strengthening the company's global presence for safe and stable growth.

We are socially responsible and locally involved

Pabianice is a place with which we have been connected for several dozen years, where we are socially committed, support cultural initiatives, have grown into a part of the city and to which the company binds its future.

For several years now, together with Pabianice city authorities, on the first Sunday of December we have been organizing a festive march through the streets of Pabianice in the HOLY PARADE. All inhabitants of the city and its surroundings are invited to this event. The parade usually ends at the Old Town Market Square, where there is also a Christmas market with well-known music bands. Each time, our staff and employees of the City Hall make every effort to ensure that the day of the parade gives participants a lot of fun.

We are aware of the fact that around us there are many people in need, who for various reasons require support. Therefore, as part of corporate social responsibility, we share what we have with others.

In Jumi it manifests itself mainly in generous actions for the benefit of our closer and further environment. These are, in particular, donations composed of our products delivered to places that most need such support. We support primarily hospitals, nursing homes and orphanages, but also less wealthy kindergartens and schools.