The history of JUMI began in 1985 when it was founded as a family company by the Michalski family. The company has developed via organic growth, trying to keep up with the market changes. Our manufacturing activity started from producing Christmas tree chains from metallised film. The first seat of the company was situated in a privately-owned house at Bardowskiego street. As the market developed, our product offering increased with new designs. We manufactured baubles, hedgehogs, stars and expandable garlands. ​


In 1987, we moved our seat to buildings at 13 Świętokrzyska Street. Initially, the manufacture took place in utility rooms but soon an office was created and we adapted new and new rooms, creating a warehouse and expanding the manufacturing space. 

In 1993–1994, we started cooperation with American chain K-Mart which we exported our products for. That time the decorations were manufactured mostly manually which is why we cooperated with many homeworkers who assembled them. The consecutive years witnessed relatively rapid development of the company. New rooms and an office building housing the accounting and sales department were created. 

In 1995, we started to import goods from the U.S. Initially, the company sold floor coverings. Thanks to contacts with American companies, we introduced fabric paints to the Polish market and started to sell manually painted women’s clothes designed by an artist cooperating with the company. 

In 1995, we also started to import decorations from China. This included a very broad offering of expandable decorations made from metallised film. 1998 brought a leap forward in the company development as the machine for manufacturing thick Christmas tree chains was designed.
The idea and the prototype came from today’s Deputy President of the company, Marek Bigoszewski.

We try to combine tradition and modernity to ensure there is a smile on the faces of all those people who decorate their homes with our decorations for Christmas or Easter.


In that period, we also started to cooperate with E. Leclerc chain and to negotiate with other large customers.

Thanks to the significant turnover increase and operations’ expansion of Z.H.iP.R JUMI, JUMI Sp. z o.o. was created in 2001. Z.H.iP.R JUMI still manufactured Christmas tree decorations from metallised film, while JUMI Spółka z o.o. started to develop import from China and went in for acquiring chain customers.

As the company developed, we had to expand the warehouse area so we bought a plot to erect new warehousing sheds. Initially, we had 1,000 m² in the former brickworks building and now we have 4,000 m² in a low-storage warehouse and 4,500 m² in a high-storage one. We cooperate with most retail chains and wholesalers in Poland and also serve individual customers.
Our attention is focused primarily on the high quality of our decorations and interesting designs. Looking for inspirations and ideas for new products, we visit many trade fairs, but first and foremost we observe the changing tastes of people around us. In 2006, we opened an agency in China which helps us reach reliable manufacturers and controls the product quality.